Our Story

Founded by international entrepreneur Gregory Brown, GlobalCast Partners LLC, prides itself on sourcing business opportunities outside the traditional landscape. GlobalCast’s principals are seasoned professionals experienced in navigating complicated financial structures, diverse business operations and developing synergies between public and private entities to mitigate political risk and provide expertise in restructuring, technology transfer, intelligence gathering, cross-border transactions to provide innovative strategic solutions and source funding through a vast network of entrepreneurial and managerial relationships to provide private and public sector clients world class resources to drive growth, exposure and value.

GlobalCast’s international perspective on markets and opportunities has been developed through activities across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Europe, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. With decades of collective operational, investment and advisory experience, from relationships cultivated over long careers, the GlobalCast team has the capability to provide insight into trends, developing technologies and ever-evolving government policies with a sensitivity to cultural subtleties in a wide range of businesses. As such, our partners and advisers provide us with unmatched expertise and exceptional support to give clients a 360 degree approach to all projects.

GlobalCast is well positioned to bring together global and regional players in value added partnerships for investment or operations with a comprehensive and synergistic perspective blended across a broad range of businesses to maximize efficiency and create long term value – with the goal of helping clients realize their objectives as well as advancing social propositions that benefit the less fortunate.

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